About Us

Welcome to Irish School Of Language

Irish School Of Language is a multi-language School based in Karachi Pakistan striving to provide high-quality foreign language courses. We are a one-stop solution that includes highly trained professionals having apt knowledge and teaching methodologies. Our team provides Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Persian, Korean, IELTS and English learning classes.

Success through learn different languages

Unlock a world of opportunities by mastering diverse languages with us. Our comprehensive language courses pave the way for personal and professional success. Embrace cultural understanding, broaden your horizons, and achieve success through the power of multilingual communication. Elevate your journey with the keys to linguistic excellence.

Meet Our Team

Our team encompasses highly qualified individuals with an enormous amount of teaching experience in their relevant fields. With a zeal to teach and with a collaborative approach our teachers manage to create a nurturing learning environment.

Akber Ali Kaimkhani



Director Operations

Muzammil Ali

Senior Student Counselor

Omer Naeem

Branch Manager - Karachi